• How does Emotional Support work (ES)?

    Each student has their own schedule!  Depending on how much support your child needs, depends on their time spent in regular education vs. the ES classroom.  As students progress, the goal is to have them in regular education classes as much as they are capable, while still maintaining positive behavior, and good academic standing.  If a student is struggling behaviorally, or academically, they will remain in the ES classroom for that subject area.  Before any decisions are ever made, we will discuss this together.


    In order for your child to be successful, it takes a partnership between my paras and I, and you as a parent.   Always communicate with me, both good and bad! Check point sheets daily! Use them as an opportunity to talk with your child about how well they did, or discuss what they can improve on for next time.


    The classroom is run using what's called a token economy (students receive rewards/consequence based on behavior) using the student's point sheets.  Point sheets are used to track daily behaviors.  This is where I pull my progress monitoring information for their IEP goals.  There are different rewards built in for the students daily, weekly, and sometimes from class to class (based on student needs).

    *Students move spaces on a game board for positive behavior that gets them a snack for lunch, extra movie day, etc.


    Tuesday & Friday (snack group)-Coping/Social Skill instruction


    If students lose 5 or more points during the day, they will be unable to participate in the following classroom rewards:


    Monday & Thursday-Tickets

    Wednesday-Classroom store

    Friday-Movie at Lunch