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    Mr. Ruddy 8th Grade Science

    3rd Quarter Study Island Assignments Pg. (Updated 1-16-20)


    Here is a list of the study island assessments that I will be assigning throughout the 3rd quarter of the 2019-20 school year.  The goal of this is to receive a minimum of 70% on the assessment to receive a blue ribbon.  Before you begin taking the assessment, make sure you read through the lessons so you have a good understanding of the material. Each assessment will have lesson pages that will prepare you for the questions that will be asked.  I will be giving you time in class to do these assignments, but mostly they will need to be completed outside of the classroom.  (You can always come into my room to use the UNOBOOKS.)  I will be taking the results and adding them to your grade.  If you receive a blue ribbon on the test, you will receive a 10/10 for that assignment.  If you do not receive a blue ribbon, you will receive a portion of the 10 points, depending on the effort.  Here is a list of the assignments that you will need to complete throughout the 3rd quarter.  Remember, even if you miss a deadline, you can always go back to complete an assignment. You need a minimum of 10 questions completed for it to count as a grade! The deadline to complete any missing assignments will be on Friday 2-21-20!

     Section 3 - PHYSICAL SCIENCES

    1. Section 3A – Phys. and Chem. Properties (Due on 1-21-20)

    2. Section 3B – Elements, Compounds and Mixtures (Due on 1-23-20)

    3. Section 3C – Chemical Reactions (Due on 1-28-20)

    4. Section 3D – Energy Resources (Due on 1-30-20)

    5. Section 3E – Forms of Energy (Due 2-4-20)

    6. Section 3F – Energy Transformations (Due 2-6-20)

    7. Section 3G – Heat Transfer (Due 2-11-20)

    8. Section 3H – Force and Motion (Due 2-13-20)

    9. Section 3I – Work, Simple Machines and Mech. Advantage (Due on 2-18-20)


    Grading Procedure

    10/10 - 70% or higher (Blue Ribbon achieved)

    9/10   - 65% to 69%

    8/10   - 60% to 64%

    7/10   - 55% to 59%

    6/10   - 50% to 54%

    5/10   - completed to 49%


    • You have to have a minimum of 10 questions completed in each section to earn any points!