• Group counseling is available to students in Grades 1-5.  Groups usually take place during an intervention period.  One set of groups runs in the fall, from October through December, and a second set of groups from January through March. 
       Group counseling topics might include but are not limited to the following:
       Empowering Children of Incarcerated Parents
       Being A Responsible Student
       Coping Skills
       Social Skills
       Girls Friendship
       Listening Skills
       Study Skills
       Dealing with Feelings

    Classroom Guidance Lesson Topics for Each Grade:
    Kindergarten - Counselor's Job, Coping with Feelings, Caring for others, Careers in the Community

    K+  - Feelings, Getting Along, Respect, Coping with Feelings,


    1st - Self-Esteem, Getting Along, Tattletales, Careers I might Like, 


    2nd  - Coping with Feelings, Respecting Differences, Good Work Habits, Careers in the Community


    3rd  -Positive Behaviors, Choices & Consequences, Bullying, Careers 


    4th  - Cooperation, Empathy video, Empathy Engineer, Careers I might Like


    5th - Empathy, Bullying, Decision Making, Careers,