• Get More Math website: www.getmoremath.com. See how many points you can get in a week!

    Parents: Ask your son/daughter to see their GMM page. It tells you how many points they have for the week. They can also go to the calendar and show you how many points they had for any previous week. 

    Students: Check your email every day for messages from teachers (Go to Google Classroom, click on the 9 dots called the waffle, then go to the M for Mail.) Then always check the Classwork tab for assignments for the day/week for every class. Helpful Hint: If you need help with a problem and I'm not online, take a screenshot of it by pressing the Ctrl key and the key above the 6 which looks like a rectangle with two lines next to it. This will take a picture of your screen and you can then paste that in an email and send to me. If you're not using a Chromebook, there should be a Print Screen button (Prnt Scrn) which will do the same thing.


    Go to my Google Classroom's Classwork tab for all assignments and instructional lesson videos.