• Business Math Syllabus

    Math Time

    Mr. Kanger – Room 107

    Email: tkanger@tamaqua.k12.pa.us

    School phone: 668-1901

    Course Overview

    Business Math is a course for the student who seeks specific skills in mathematics to address the real-world application of solving business and consumer problems. During the first half of the course, students will learn the basics of personal business mathematics including income, banking, credit cards, loans, automobile transportation, housing costs, insurance and investment. The second half of the course will involve business mathematics with instruction in human resource personnel, production, purchasing, sales, marketing, accounting, and financial management.

     Means of Instruction

    • Lecture/Demonstration

    • Small group activities

    • Individual and group projects

    • Internet research projects

    • Student-led discussion

    • Hands-on assignments

     Methods of Assessment

    • Daily in-class math problems & assignments

    • Projects

    • Tests & Quizzes

    • Real world application discussion

    Grading (Quarter)

    Daily in-class assignments         40%

    Tests                                               40%

    Quizzes                                           10%

    Projects                                          10%


    Mid-Term Exam

    The mid-term exam will be cumulative and count for 10% of the final grade.

     Final Exam/Final Grade:

    The Final Exam will be worth 10% of the final grade. The Final Grade will consist of 80% quarter grades, 10% mid-term grade and 10% final grade.

     Classroom Environment:

    All students are required to be prepared for each class period. This includes bringing the appropriate materials needed—Notebook, calculator, pencil, textbook and any other materials needed.

     All students are required to participate and contribute to each lesson. : )