HI Everybody!


    How will gifted look this year......


    This year I will be coming into your classrooms much more.  We will have some meeting times, but I feel with the google classroom format it will be better for me to engage in your work in the classroom and then with the help of your teachers modify any work we see fit to better enirch and engage your learning.


    I am in West Penn Elementary on Days 5 and 6 with gifted times in the afternoon on both days, so I will do my best to get around to the classrooms and meet with you and your teachers regarding activities we can work on.


    We will be using our google classrooms to do our work and communicate with one another.  Please be sure to check in and complete any assignments, questions, activities that are posted there so we can all stay on the same page. 

Last Modified on August 20, 2020