• Week of March 30, 2020

    Monday, 3/30 - Anyone who has not checked into Google Classroom should do so ASAP, and continue to check in regularly. See instructions below. Complete IXL K4. If you have not completed LL3 and GG3, please comlete ASAP. If you got your rough draft approved in class on 3/13, or emailed it to me for approval, you may work on My Access submissions. If not, please take pics of your completed rough draft, including thesis and quotes, and email to me through my school email. Also, I will be posting a journaling assignment on Google Classroom later in the week, so that you can record your thoughts and experiences during this historic time. It will be due next week and will count in Q4.

    Tuesday, 3/31 - Rough draft should be submitted no later than today. Work on My Access editing. You should submit three times, with two edits showing improved scores.

    Wednesday, 4/1 - Essay editing. if you have completed IXL K4, LL3, and GG3, you may work on IXL H1, LL1, and GG5. These three assignments will count toward Quarter 4. They will be due April 13, 2020.

    Thursday, 4/2 - Virtual library day! You may log onto the school's web page and view books through MyON. You may also take AR tests without a teacher password! The last day to take an AR test is Tuesday, April 7.

    Friday, 4/3 - My Access submissions due.

    Week of March 23, 2020

    Hello, everyone! I hope you are well-rested and doing some reading!

    Here are instructions to remind you how to get into Google Classroom, IXL, and so on.

    Google Classroom: username.tams@tamaquasd.org; passwordtasd

    IXL: usernametams@tamaquaareasd; regular password

    My Access: regular login information

    AR: log in through school web page; no password is needed to test

    Don't forget that IXL K4 is due. Current due date is Wednesday, April 1, 2020.

    The other IXL assignments, H1, GG5, and LL1, will not be due until Q4.

    I am asking that all of you check in through Google Classroom. Please make sure that any comment that you make is school-appropriate. Please read the comments that I have written on your current Google Classroom assignment. If you have any questions, please email me.

    Almost all of you have already joined my Google Classroom, but in case anyone still needs to log in, the codes are as follows:

    Period 1:7y56svn

    Period 2: ea5wbhk

    Period 3: gbghpj7

    Period 4: wsxjjvt

    Period 5: jfrw3km

    Period 6: u34i2j2  (that is a lower-case "i" between 4 and 2)

    Any student who had his or her rough draft approved may continue to work on it in MyAccess. 

    For those who have not, you may take a picture of it and email it to me.

    if you don't have copies of the articles, remember there are links on my web page. You can Google the Scope article "Betrayed by America" and the text story, "The Bracelet."

    Students should work on IXL. K4 is a Q3 grade, due on April 1.

    The due date for My Access submission is now April 6. I have increased the number of submissions to 10; please submit at least twice with editing for corrections. When you are satisfied with your score, copy your essay from My Access, add your heading, running head, and works cited page, and submit it in Google Classroom.

    if you don't have basic source information written down, it is on the first page of your essay assignment packet. If you don't have that, email me and I can send it to you. Don't forget that you can use OWL as a resource.

    Google Classroom essay assignment submission is now due April 10 by 3 PM.

    Week of March 16, 2020

    Read AR! Sleep in! Do something helpful for mom or dad. Work on essays, either on paper or in My Access, so that you are on schedule when you return to school.

    Essay due date is postponed until further notice. IXL assignments currently posted: K4, H1, and GG5. Not due until further notice. 

    No current Google Classroom assignments, but when you need to log on, remember that username is first initial+first five letters of last name.tams@tamaquasd.org. Password is your regular password followed by "tasd." 

    Anyone who is in Mrs. Sweeney's fifth or sixth period class, check my Google Classroom announcement to see your class code to join her new Google Classroom.

    Week of March 9, 2020

    Monday, 3/9 - Assign cause and effect essay. The new essay due date is April 3, 2020.

    Tuesday, 3/10 - Organizational strategy due. Work on thesis statement and supporting citations.

    Wednesday, 3/11 - Work on rough draft.

    Thursday, 3/12 - Library. Smartboard review of works cited entries. Work on rough draft.

    Friday, 3/13 - Rough draft due with thesis statement and three citations from three different sources. IXL. H1 and GG5, due on April 3.

    Week of March 2, 2020

    Monday, 3/2 - Webquest worksheet due. Return and review study guide on "The Bracelet."

    Tuesday, 3/3 - TEST on "The Bracelet."

    Wednesday, 3/4 - Act 80 Day

    Thursday, 3/5 - Library. Return and review Quiz 33. Introduce Scholastic Scope article.

    Friday, 3/6 - IXL LL3 and GG3 due. Assign K4: Identify supporting details in informational text. Complete text structure activity on cause and effect together. Read Scholastic Scope article "Betrayed by America."

    Week of February 24, 2020

    Monday, 2/24 - Read "The Bracelet."

    Tuesday, 2/25 - Comparison and contrast between concentration camps and relocation camps. Oral review of story. Begin study guide.

    Wednesday, 2/26 - Return and review vocabulary for "The Bracelet." Complete "The Bracelet" study guide.

    Thursday, 2/27 - Library. Work on IXL.

    Friday, 2/28 - Webquest on internment/relocation camps in the U.S. Complete worksheet.




    Week of February 17, 2020

    Monday, 2/17 - Happy Presidents' Day!

    Tuesday, 2/18 - Begin vocabulary for "The Bracelet."

    Wednesday, 2/19 - Vocabulary for "The Bracelet," including picture identification.

    Thursday, 2/20 - Library. Discussion of WWII. Prereading for "The Bracelet."

    Friday, 2/21 - IXL FF2 due. Return papers for Quiz 32. Begin reading "The Bracelet." Vocabulary due.

    Week of February 10, 2020

    Monday, 2/10 - Google Classroom/Commonlit.org water scarcity assignment/IXL diagnostics

    Tuesday, 2/11 - Revisions of Six-word essay. Correcting Errors in the Use of Modifiers, Quiz 32.

    Wednesday, 2/12 - Quiz 32 due. Assign Quiz 33. IXL diagnostics/recommendations/ L1 and FF2. Commonlit.org assignment due.

    Thursday, 2/13 - Library. Quiz 33 due.

    Friday, 2/14 - Happy Valentine's Day! IXL L1 due. Essay rewrites.

    Week of February 3, 2020

    Monday, 2/3 - Return and review study guides for test. Collect six-word essay assignment, due today.

    Tuesday. 2/4 - Reread prereading, scan story for figurative speech, and read post-reading in preparation for test. IXL

    Wednesday, 2/5 - TEST on "The Drummer Boy of Shiloh."

    Thursday, 2/6 - Library. IXL.

    Friday, 2/7 - Google Classroom/Commonlit.org water assignment.

    Week of January 27, 2020

    Monday, 1/27 - Begin vocabulary for "The Drummer Boy of Shiloh."

    Tuesday, 1/28 - Read "The Drummer Boy of Shiloh." vocabulary due.

    Wednesday, 1/29 - Read "The Drummer Boy of Shiloh;" answer questions.

    Thursday, 1/30 - Library. Return vocabulary. Questions due.

    Friday, 1/31 - Return and review essays. IXL K5, P1, and P2 due today. Assign IXL L1.

    Week of January 20, 2020

    Monday, 1/20 - MLK Day

    Tuesday, 1/21 - Web Quest/ share information

    Wednesday, 1/22 - Readers' Theater

    Thursday, 1/23 - Library. RT performances

    Friday, 1/24 - Ethos, Pathos, Logos. Introduce The Six Word Essay.

    Week of January 13, 2020

    Monday, 1/13 - STAR test for Q3. Return outlines. Work on rough drafts. IXL K3 and Y5 due.

    Tuesday, 1/14 - Work on rough draft; My Access submission due.

    Wednesday, 1/15 - My Access editing (min. 2 additional submissions). End of Q2. Distribute new logs.

    Thursday, 1/16 - Library. Proofreading.

    Friday, 1/17 Final copy of essy due. IXL K5, P1, and P2 assigned.

    Week of January 6, 2020

    Monday, 1/6 - Thesis statement due. Work on essay or IXL assignments.

    Tuesday, 1/7 - Find examples of setting. Search novel for supporting citation information.

    Wednesday, 1/8 - Find examples of setting and supporting citations for outline.

    Thursday, 1/9 - Library. Return and review test on A Long Walk to Water.

    Friday, 1/10 - Outlines due. Work on rough draft or IXL.

    Week of December 30, 2019

    Thursday, January 2, 2020 - Library. IXL diagnostic test.

    Friday, 1/3 - Introduce essay topic: text-dependent analysis of setting in A Long Walk to Water.

    Week of December 16, 2019

    Monday, 12/16 - Discussion and review.

    Tuesday, 12/17 - Review study guide 4.

    Wednesday, 12/18 - Test on A Long Walk to Water.

    Thursday, 12/19 - Library. Accelerated Reader test on A Long Walk to Water.

    Friday, 12/20 - IXL diagnostic test. Merry Christmas!

    Week of December 9, 2019

    Monday, 12/9 - Read Chapters 11 and 12. Complete questions on Chapters 10, 11, and 12 in study guide 3.

    Tuesday, 12/10 - Read Chapters 13 and 14. Complete questions for chapters 13 and 14.

    Wednesday, 12/11 - Study guide 3 (chp. 10-14) due. Return and review study guide 2. Read chp. 15.

    Thursday, 12/12 - Library; Book Fair. Read chp. 16. Distribute study guide 4, chp. 15-"A Message from Salva Dut."

    Friday, 12/13 - Read chp. 17, 18, and "A Message from Salva Dut." Study guide due.

    Week of December 2, 2019

    Monday, 12/2 - No school

    Tuesday, 12/3 - Read A Long Walk to Water Chapters 6 and 7.

    Wednesday, 12/4 - Read A Long Walk to Water Chapters 8 and 9.

    Thursday, 12/5 - Library. Read Chapter 10 in A Long Walk to Water.

    Friday, 12/6 - Study guide 2 (chp. 5-9) due. Return and review study guide 1 and vocabulary.

    Week of November 25, 2019

    Monday, 11/25 - Read Chapters Three, Four, and Five in ALWtW. Begin answering study guide questions. HW: Complete study guide questions Chapters 1-5.

    Tuesday, 11/26 - Return and revise essays. If not revising, work on IXL. CC3 due. Library periods 1-4.

    Wednesday, 11/27 - Library. IXL time.

    Week of November 18, 2019

    Monday, 11/18 - Read Scope's "The Birth of Southern Sudan." Answer questions. Class discussion.

    Tuesday, 11/19 - IXL CC4 Identify vague pronoun references and CC5 Identify all of the possible antecedents, due after Thanksgiving break on 11/26.

    Wednesday, 11/20 - Begin vocabulary for A Long Walk to Water.

    Thursday, 11/21 - Library. Work on vocabulary.

    Friday, 11/22 - IXL CC1 and CC2 due. LWtW Vocabulary due. Read Chapters One and Two in A Long Walk to Water. Distribute study guide questions. NOTE: a pdf file of A Long Walk to Water is available online. Google title.

    Week of November 11, 2019

    Monday, 11/11 - Return and review Quiz 16 and Quiz 17; Assign IXL CC.3.

    Tuesday, 11/12 - Return and review Quiz 17 and Quiz 18.

    Wednesday, 11/13 - Return and review Turkey Trotten vocabulary. Read script. IXL N1 and N2 due.

    Thursday, 11/14 - Library. Turkey Trotten performances.

    Friday, 11/15 - Water webquest scavenger hunt.

    Week of November 4, 2019

    Monday, 11/4 - Collect Quiz 39 on active/passive sentences. IXL: Assign N1 Identifying active and passive voice and N2 rewriting passive voice to active. Due Friday, 11/8. J1 and O3 due 11/6.

    Tuesday, 11/5 - Distribute study guide for pronoun/antecedent agreement. Review notes. Assign Quiz 16 and Quiz 17: Identifying Pronouns and Antecedents.

    Wednesday, 11/6 - Return and review Quiz 3: Active and Passive Voice. IXL J1 and O3 due. Quiz 16 and Quiz 17 worksheets due. Assign Quiz 18 and Quiz 19. Students may work on IXL when finished.

    Thursday, 11/7 - Library. Begin vocabulary for "Turkey Trotten." Look up definitions in dictionaries.

    Friday, 11/8 - Finish definitions if needed. Picture identification for "Turkey Trotten" vocabulary. Papers due today.

    Week of October 28, 2019

    Monday, 10/28 - STAR Test. My Access editing. Print for proofreading.

    Tuesday, 10/29 - Classroom proofreading and editing. HW: corrections. Last day for IXL; AR ends period 8.

    Wednesday, 10/30 - Q2 begins. Final, typed copy of essay postponed until tomorrow. IXL skills: J1 Order topics; O3 Correct frequently confused words.

    Thursday, 10/31 - Library. Essays due.

    Friday, 11/1 - Active and Passive Voice practice. Classwork: Quiz 39.

    Week of October 21, 2019

    Monday, 10/21 - Return outlines. Begin rough drafts.

    Tuesday, 10/22 - Assign "Writing Clear, Complete Sentences Quiz 3." Collect Quiz 3. Work on rough drafts.

    Wednesday, 10/23 - Rough drafts due for approval. Mini Smartboard lesson on header and running head. After approval, work on Word document.

    Thursday, 10/24 - Library. Type essay or work on IXL. Copy and paste to My Access.

    Friday, 10/25 - My Access submissions and corrections due.

    Week of October 14, 2019

    Monday, 10/14 - Columbus Day - student holiday, teacher in-service day.

    Tuesday, 10/15 - Thesis statement due. IXL diagnostics. Work on outline.

    Wednesday, 10/16 - IXL - K1, thesis statements; J2, organizing by main idea; A1 determining main idea.

    Thursday, 10/17 - Library. Readers' Theater: "The Boy Who Wanted the Willies."

    Friday, 10/18 - Outline due. Submit for grading. Perform Readers' Theater in groups.

    Week of October 7, 2019

    Monday, 10/7 - Library. Outline handout: example and form. Explain and work on rebuttal.

    Tuesday, 10/8 - IXL lessons assigned: A. Main Idea; O. Organizing Writing; P. Topic sentences.

    Wednesday, 10/9 - Introduce persuasive essay: Teenage Responsibility.

    Thursday, 10/10 - Vo-tech field trip.

    Friday, 10/11 - Raider Run Day.

    Week of September 30, 2019

    Monday, 9/30 - Return and review tests.

    Tuesday, 10/1 - IXL diagnostic practice.

    Wednesday, 10/2 - Reader's Theater.

    Thursday, 10/3 - Library. Perform Reader's Theater. (School Pictures)

    Friday, 10/4 - Review Introduce and Conclude Topics. Return and review verb sheets and summarizing sheets.

    Week of September 23, 2019

    Monday, 9/23 - Summarizing worksheet for "Why Are Your Clothes So Cheap?"

    Tuesday, 9/24 - Central Ideas and Details worksheet. Explain "synopsis."

    Wednesday, 9/25 - Complete Central Ideas worksheet. Discuss results of posttest. Discuss AR.

    Thursday, 9/26 - Library. Verb practice.

    Friday, 9/27 - IXL Benchmark.

    Week of September 16, 2019

    Monday, 9/16 - Return and review vocabulary. Play vocabulary matching game. VOCABULARY POSTTEST.

    Tuesday, 9/17 - "Moon" Vocabulary Test.

    Wednesday, 9/18 - "Moon" Literature Test.

    Thursday, 9/19 - Library. "Why Are Your Clothes So Cheap?"

    Friday, 9/20 - "Why Are Your Clothes So Cheap?"

    Week of September 9, 2019

    Monday, 9/9 - Read "Moon."

    Tuesday, 9/10 -Read "Moon."

    Wednesday, 9/11 - Read "Moon." Return and review prereading assignment. Complete character chart.

    Thursday, 9/12 - Library. Review "Moon" central idea.

    Friday, 9/13 - Read "The Story of Iqbal Masih." Discuss comparisons between the stories.

    Week of August 26, 2019

    Monday, 8/26 - Welcome! Meetings and seating; introduction.

    Tuesday, 8/27 - Review of expectations; distribute literature books; student survey.

    Wednesday, 8/28 - Prereading assignment for "Moon."

    Thursday, 8/29 - STAR test. Finish prereading exercise.

    Friday, 8/30 - Distribute reading logs. Library. "Moon" vocabulary.

    Week of September 2, 2019

    Monday, 9/2 - Labor Day holiday

    Tuesday, 9/3 - Work on "Moon" vocabulary.

    Wednesday, 9/4 - "Moon" vocabulary.

    Thursday, 9/5 - "Moon" vocabulary due. Library. Begin reading "Moon."

    Friday, 9/6 - "Moon."


    Wednesday, 9/11 - Vocabulary matching game. Vocabulary practice posttest.

    Thursday, 9/12 - Library. Smartboard interactive practice quiz. Read "The story of Iqbal Masih."

    Friday, 9/13 - "Moon" Test.



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