• Social Studies

    Unit 1: Continents and Oceans
    -We will be learning about the 7 continents and the 5 main oceans. We will also be discussing cardinal and intermediate directions. In this unit, we will make a project to help us learn about our street, town, state, country, continent, and planet.
    The Continent Song!

    Unit 2: Map Skills
    -We will be learning to use and apply map skills. We will learn about a compass rose, hemispheres, and reading lines of latitude and longitude. We will also work on reading different kinds of maps. Specifically, we will learn how to read and interpret a landform map, a product map, and a state/capital/border map.

    Unit 3: Landforms
    -We will learn about the different landforms and bodies of water that make up the geography of the Earth. In addition, we will learn about how some landforms were created by nature.
    Unit 4: Regions of the United States
    -We will learn about each of the five main regions of the United States. For each region there will be an in-school graded project, a map test including state names/abbreviations/captials, and an overall test of the region. The regions we will be studying are:
    Northeast Region
    Southeast Region
    Midwest Region
    Southwest Region
    West Region
    Check out this fun video to help learn the states and capitals!
    Unit 4: 50 States
    -Time permitting, we will end this unit by completing a report on the 50 states. Each student will be assigned a state, and will conduct computer research to put together a report of facts about their chosen state.
    Fast Facts and Trivia
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