• Required Materials: Each student is required to bring the following supplies to class each day. You will not be allowed to retrieve anything from your locker once class has started.

    ·   Notebook – A three-ring binder is required. You will have a quiz on your notebook at the end of every quarter. ** Please make this syllabus the first page of your notebook.**

    ·   Pencil – Tests must be done in pencil. If you complete a test in anything other than pencil, you will have to re-copy the entire test.

    ·   The Algebra 2 Common Core textbook or access to the e-book

    ·   Calculator – The mathematics department recommends a TI-84 graphing calculator or higher.

    Assessment: Grades are determined on a point value system. I suggest you keep a personal record of your grades at all times. Please keep in mind that you can always access your grades on MMS. These grades are updated frequently.

    ·    Tests/Projects(60%)Tests are administered at the completion of each chapter and/or mid-chapter as needed. These must be done in pencil. Projects are administered once per quarter. Ample time to complete projects will be given.


    ·    Quizzes (30%) - Quizzes are administered at the teacher’s discretion as needed. They may be unannounced.


    ·    Practice/In-class Activities (10%)Practice is assigned daily. Practice will be collected and graded at the teacher’s discretion. If this occurs, students will have a chance to correct any mistakes providing that the practice was completed on time. These assignments will be listed individually on MMS. The remaining practice assignments will be monitored via practice check-ups on a weekly basis. Practice is a vital part of the learning process for this class, so make sure you stay on top of it!


    ·    Book coverYour book must be covered at all times! If I, or any other teacher/administrator, sees that your book is not covered for whatever reason, I will deduct 3 points from your practice score. Book covers are available for free at the guidance office. If you chose to use a book sock (while not recommended), please use the Jumbo size as those should not ruin the book’s binding.

    “Odds and Ends”

    ·   Attendance – Attendance is necessary on a regular basis. Math is a building subject. It is very important that you are here every day. If you know that you will be absent beforehand, please let me know. If you miss class, it is your responsibility to ask a classmate what you missed, copy the notes, hand in any practice that was due that day, and hand in your missed practice the following day. When you return, always check the “absent folders” for any papers you may have missed. It is YOUR responsibility to make-up anything you missed. I will not remind you!

    ·   Extra help – I am available for help after school from 2:30 until 3:00 unless I have a scheduled meeting. I am also available before school from 7:00 to 7:30 if you pre-arrange a day with me. There is a calendar in class that you can use to sign up for extra help. It is very important that you seek help when you need it! Also, please keep in mind that there are resources available online on www.pearsonsuccessnet.com and www.khanacademy.org.


Last Modified on August 21, 2014