• Senior Bucket List   

    Mrs. Gross’ Class of 2023 Bucket List Challenge!
    1. Clean up your social media to prepare for colleges/employers to view your pages.

    2. Create a memory box of all your high school memorabilia.

    3. Join a club.

    4. Attend a high school event to show your school spirit.

    5. Say thank you to a teacher or staff member who has inspired you.

    6. Apply for at least one scholarship.

    7. 18? Register to vote!

    8. Thank the cafeteria workers and custodians for their hard work.

    9. Open a bank account.

    10. Do your own laundry.

    11. Fill out the FAFSA (studentaid.gov) . **A MUST for college candidates!**

    12. Learn how to sew a button.

    13. Take a first aid course.

    14. Keep up with all your senior fees and activities so your parents don’t have to!

    15. Say hello to someone you’ve never talked to before.

    16. Volunteer your time.

    17. Donate to a charity.

    18. Start using Google Scholar rather than Google as a reference.

    19. Exchange e-mails or phone numbers with people that you want to keep in touch with in the future.

    20. If you have a question…ASK!