• 6th Grade General Music

    The content of working this class will be based on various aspects of music such as music theory, rhythm, tone, fingerings/valve positions and stickings as well as the structure of the orchestra/band.  Students will receive instruction on percussion, recorders, and actual instruments as are available. 
    Testing will be done at the end of each section.  Each test is worth 100 points and will evaluate student progress in reading notes, proper hand positions/grip, tone/pitch, and various other concepts such as learning what a duet is, how to read duet music and the structure of the orchestra (including how the orchestra works as a whole to create music.) 
    If a student is absent from class on a test day he/she is responsible for taking the test when he/she returns to school.
    The following is a schedule of the topics that will be covered during General Music:

                Basics of percussion, rhythm, music notation, grip
      Recorders, melody, note recognition, rhythm 
      Introduce Clarinet/Trumpet/Mallet Unit and the interactions between various parts of the orchestra