• Raider Band/Girls Drum and Bugle Corp Alumni

    Name: Helen (Romig) Lehman

    Instrument: Bell Lyre

    Hometown: Edison, Nj


    Name: Rebecca Bowman

    Instrument: Drum & Bugle Corp-Drums

    Hometown: Tamaqua, Pa

    Past Directors

    Name: David R. Schmaldienst


    Hometown: Hegins, Pa

    Favorite Band Memory: Many awesome times with the Raider Band Family, Alumni Band 2007


    Name: John A. Willing

    Instrument: Trumpet

    Hometown: Tamaqua, Pa


    Name: Miriam (Weston) Kester

    Instrument: Bugle

    Hometown: Tamaqua, Pa

    Favorite Band Memory: Marching on the Ashland parade route....that very LONG hill



    Name: Lee Shafer

    Instrument: Clarinet/Saxophone

    Hometown: New Ringgold, Pa

    Favorite Band Memory: The most memorable bus accident on the way to the Allentown Fair.

    e-mail: leshafer@ptd.net


    Name: Bob Nattress

    Instrument: Trumpet

    Hometown: Shavertown, Pa

    Favorite Band Memory: Hanging out in the band room, impromptu jam session, screaming the high end of the St. Louis Blues March

    e-mail: natrys@epix.net

    Name: Linda (Barthel) Whetstone

    Instrument: Drum

    Hometown: Brockton, Pa

    Favorite Band Memory: Originally I was in the flag section until a strong wind blew the flag and I over it was then I knew the drum section was calling me

    e-mail: Linda-Lori@evenlink.com


    Name: Debbie (Meredith) Delp

    Instrument: Flute

    Hometown: Tamaqua, Pa

    Favorite Band Memory: band camp at a camp, (not at the high school) , band picnics at Knobel's Grove, playing for Richard Nixon



    Name: Deborah (Clemson) Petrole

    Instrument: Flute

    Hometown: Andreas, Pa

    Favorite Band Memory: Good times on the band bus

    e-mail: dpetrole@hotmail.com


    Name: Cindy (Collura) Martin

    Instrument: Flute

    Hometown: Tamaqua, Pa

    Favorite Band Memory: All of them

    Name: Terri  (Kester) Kane

    Band Front: Majorette, Raider Band Cheerleader

    Hometown: Tamaqua, Pa

    Favorite Band Memory: Marching as a 5 year old majorette in those freezing King Frost parades in Hamburg, Pa

    Name: Susan Schuetrumpf

    Instrument: Flute/Piccolo

    Hometown: Duluth, Ga

    e-mail:  sahsdz@yahoo.com


    Name: Joan (Paisley) Nowak

    Instrument: Flute, Piccolo, Drum Major

    Hometown: Shenandoah, PA

    Favorite Band Memory: Timpani frisbee, St. Patrick's Day Parade in NYC, Dad Fetterman and his car's many trips on the sidewalk


    Name: Lori (Emerich) Skeath

    Instrument: Alto Saxophone, Color Guard

    Hometown: Wapwallopen, PA

    Favorite Band Memory: Freezing at the NY St. Patty's Day Parade, spending all my study halls in the bandroom, my best memories from high school are of band & Mr. Fetterman.

    Name: Joe Kutcher

    Instrument: Percussion

    Hometown: Mount Pleasant, SC

    Favorite Band Memory: My fondest memory were the bus rides home from away games and singing the Alma Mater as we drove up Stadium Hill. 

    Name: Diane (Hollenbach) Henne

    Band Front: Color Guard

    Hometown: Tamaqua, PA


    Name: Kim (McGinley) Smith

    Instrument: Flute

    Hometown: Lancaster, PA

    Favorite Band Memory: The giant beat P.V. sign - Another One Bites the dust - Washington D.C. trip - and of course band camp

    e-mail: smith1499@comcast.net




    Name: Robert Ames

    Instrument: Clarinet

    Hometown: Temple, PA

    Favorite Band Memory: My best high school memories are from band.  Who could forget the dead skunk in the middle of the road.


    Name: Tim Sterner
    Instrument: Alto Saxophone
    City: Lancaster, Pa
    Favorite Band Memory: Our trip to King's Dominion my senior year.
    I also loved all of the great times in the band room and on the buses.


    Name: Heather (McDaniel) Hannon

    Instrument: Alto Saxophone

    Hometown: Tamaqua, PA

    Favorite Band Memory: Cheering in the stands at the football games

    e-mail: zzat@ptd.net


    Name: Jessica (Edwards) Ryan

    Instrument: Flute/piccolo and even a little alto sax

    Hometown: Baltimore, Md

    Favorite Band Memory: Friday night football games.......out trip to NYC for St. Patrick's day with Mr. Fetterman.

    e-mail: Tamaquagirl@yahoo.com

    Terry Benner
    Alto Saxaphone    
    South Burlington , Vt
    Favorite Band Memory:      
    Summer band trips   

    e-mail address: terry_benner@bigfoot.com 




    Name: Elizabeth (Henry) Seltzer

    Instrument: Flute/Piccolo

    Hometown: Tamaqua, PA

    Favorite Band Memory: All the fun we had in the band room during study halls and of course bandcamp.

    e-mail: lseltzer@ptd.net


    Name: Cheryl A. (Kachelries) Nemeth

    Instrument: Trumpet

    Hometown: Tamaqua, PA

    Favorite Band Memory: Band camp at the end of each summer and all of the pranks on new members and the band director.


    Name: Lucy (Siluk) Gerace

    Instrument: Flute/Drum Major

    Hometown: Tamaqua, PA

    Favorite Band Memory: Singing the Alma Mater on the way up Stadium Hill.

    e-mail:  lucygerace@verizon.net




    Name: Bill Ames

    Instrument: Snare/Mallets

    Hometown: State College, PA

    Favorite Band Memory: Remember locking Dave Mace in the cages and how about that band room study hall pass

    e-mail: billames@40alumni.psu.edu

    Name: Ann Marie (Collura) Hadesty

    Instrument: Flute/Piccolo

    Hometown: Tamaqua, PA

    Favorite Band Memory: Too many to list..........

    e-mail: nnaeiram@verizon.net


    Name: June (Klees) Karweick

    Instrument: Clarinet

    Hometown: Michigan

    Favorite Band Memory: There are just so many wonderful memories; I cannot pick one.


    Name: Wendy Leiby

    Instrument: Clarinet

    Hometown: Windham, Maine

    Favorite Band Memory: Too many to list

    e-mail: wenleiby@msn.com

    Name: Denise (Smulligan) Johnson

    Instrument: Flute/Piccolo

    Hometown: Summit Hill, Pa

    Favorite Band Memory: my favorite band memory is cheering at Friday night football games




    Name: Scott Reaman

    Instrument: Tuba/Baritone Horn

    Hometown: Brockton, Pa

    Favorite Band Memory: Trip to Jacksonville Florida Gator Bowl

    e-mail: Kellys@losch.net



    Name: Darren Meiser

    Instrument: Tenor Saxophone

    Hometown: Elizabethtown, Pa

    Favorite Band Memory:  The endless barrage of Mr. Tree jokes

    e-mail: dlmmeiser@earthlink.net


    Name: Allison (Walton) Morrison

    Instrument: Flute/Piccolo

    Hometown: Tamaqua, Pa

    Favorite Band Memory:  

    e-mail: jaos@ptd.net

    Name: Nancy (Wetzel) Paisley

    Instrument: Eb Clarinet

    Hometown: Tamaqua, Pa

    Favorite Band Memory:  Sooooo Many....Blue and White Games, Bus Rides, and who could forget when Mr. S forgot my instrument on his desk and I had to play a pencil wrapped in aluminum foil and line up with the piccolos

    e-mail: paislenj@apci.com


    Name:Jolene (Oswald) Barron


    Hometown:Tamaqua, Pa

    Favorite Band Memory:Boyertown Cavalcade Awards Sweep (1991)



    Name:Sherwood Smith-Soley

    Instrument:Bass Drum (2yrs), Snare Drum (2 yrs) Drum Major/French Horn (2 yrs)

    Hometown:Conshohocken, Pa

    Favorite Band Memory:Getting dragged by Tracy Titus's car (not favorite, but most memorable); 1991 Boyertown; Trip to Flordia
    e-mail: sherwood.smith.soley@gmail.com

    Name: Tammy (Schlosser) Edmonds

    Band Front: Riffle Squad
    City: Mary D, Pa
    Favorite Band: Band camp, going to the Hall of Fame Bowl, and games.
    Email: tammym.edmonds13@yahoo.com


    Name:Mark E. Beltz


    Hometown:Tamaqua, Pa

    Favorite Band Memory:Trip to Florida 1991, Boyertown Cavalcade 1991 (we won all the awards that year)


    Name:Victoria (Weschler) Feller


    Hometown:Lehighton, Pa

    Favorite Band Memory:Halloween Parades



    Name:Dwane Miller

    Instrument:Baritone/Trombone/Drum Major

    Hometown:Andreas, Pa

    Favorite Band Memory:Trips to the Chili Dog  --- Playing football before the games



    Name: Ben Shafer


    Hometown:Tamaqua, Pa

    Favorite Band Memory:The time my lyre got run over by the garbage truck


    Name: Susan Zukovich

    Instrument: Trumpet

    Hometown: Studio City, Ca

    Favorite Band Memory: Hall of Fame Bowl 1991, Disney



    Name: Jamie Jones

    Instrument: Flute/Oboe

    Hometown: Jersey Shore, Pa

    Favorite Band Memory: Competitions and bus rides with friends

    e-mail: abbasgirl77@msn.com

    Name:Kevin Moyer

    Instrument:Tenor Saxophone

    Hometown:Akron, Pa

    Favorite Band Memory: Veterans Stadium, 1991-1992 Hall of Fame Bowl, Disney



    Name:Dave Schmaldienst


    Hometown:Blandon, Pa

    Favorite Band Memory:Hall of Fame Bowl (1991)




    Name: Marsha (Osenbach) Rodgers

    Instrument: Flute/Piccolo/Drum Major

    Hometown: Barnesville, Pa

    Favorite Band Memory: Hall of Fame Bowl (1991)

    e-mail: mrodgers@tamaqua.k12.pa.us



    Name: Nokomie (Welsh) Harris

    Instrument: Drum Major / Clarinet

    Hometown: Bulverde, Tx

    Favorite Band Memory: It was always an awesome adventure…both trips to Disney, both bowl games, Canada etc...



    Name:Glenn Davis

    Instrument:Alto Saxophone/Drum Major

    Hometown:Odenton, Pa

    Favorite Band Memory: My senior year spring concert



    Name: Robin Dermo (Kempfort)

    Instrument: Percussion (tenors)

    Hometown: Lancaster, Pa

    Favorite Band Memory: Favorite memories: Marching in front of the tuba section at band camp (mainly Mark Beltz, Fisher and Ellsy) and seeing them trip over my field markers. They got so mad that they threw them across the field. Second memory is auditioning for the tenors or quints as we called them and making it! Played them sophomore year through senior year!

    Name:Sarah Martinez

    Instrument: Oboe and Saxophone

    Hometown:  Andreas, Pa

    Favorite Band Memory: Boyertown-- Where the cheers were so loud we couldn't hear the cadence!

    e-mail: skm4jc@yahoo.com


    Name: Jason Wagner

    Instrument: Alto Saxophone

    Hometown:  Palm Bay, Fl

    Favorite Band Memory: So many, it's hard to recall. However, going to the outback bowl and marching at Disney still brings back fond memories.

    e-mail: Corvette400400@cfl.rr.com


    Name: Taryn Heisler


    Hometown:Tamaqua, Pa

    Favorite Band Memory: Hanging out with my friends

    e-mail: wwjd_taryn@hotmail.com


    Name: John Henne

    Instrument:Drum Major, Tuba

    Hometown:Tamaqua, Pa

    e-mail: henne_24@yahoo.com


    Name:Kerri Lichtenwalner


    Hometown:Barnesville, Pa

    Favorite Band Memory:Sooooooooooo many, but I'd have to say the Outback bowl in '96



    Name: Justin Bailey

    Instrument:Baritone Horn

    Hometown:Tamaqua, Pa

    e-mail: justin.charles.bailey@army.mil

    Favorite Band Memory: Wow....too many


    Name: Kathy Rummel

    Instrument: Trumpet

    Hometown: Tamaqua, Pa

    Favorite Band Memory: Florida Trip 1997


    Name: Candice Semasek

    Instrument: Flute/Piccolo/Drum Major

    Hometown: Tamaqua, Pa

    Favorite Band Memory: Saluting the crowd at our home show my senior year

    e-mail: sweetcandie26@hotmail.com


    Name: Alec Troxell

    Instrument: Percussion, Treasurer

    Hometown: Andreas

    Favorite Band Memory: The two parades on Memorial Day and being a part of the Raider Band Family.

    e-mail: atrox1@rocketmail.com


    Name: Tim Knappenberger

    Instrument: Drum Major, French Horn

    Hometown: Tamaqua

    Favorite Band Memory: Seeing young children want to expand their knowledge for music.

    e-mail: tknap12@yahoo.com


    Name: Ryen Livingston

    Instrument: Trombone, Librarian

    Hometown: Tamaqua

    Favorite Band Memory: Trombone toss during 2002 Field Show

    e-mail: unoloco23@yahoo.com



    Name: Brian Moore

    Instrument: Drum Major, Alto Clarinet, Clarinet

    Hometown: State College, Pa

    Favorite Band Memory: Having a family of 200 people and looking after all of them.

    e-mail: brm5046%40psu.edu

    Name: Ryan Holley

    Instrument:  Percussion

    Hometown: Hometown, Pa

    Favorite Band Memory: EVERYTHING


    Name: Mike Kabana

    Instrument:  Tuba

    Hometown: West Penn Twp.

    Favorite Band Memory: All of them


    Name: John Schetrumpf

    Instrument:  Percussion

    Hometown: Barnesville, Pa

    Favorite Band Memory: Everything

    Name: Kim Walker
    Instrument:  Mellophone/ French Horn

    Hometown:  Tamaqua, Pa
    Favorite Band/Corp Memory: Getting out of class to parade through the halls.

    Name: Andrea Whitley

    Instrument:  Mallets and Sideline Percussion

    Hometown: Nesquehoning, Pa

    Favorite Band Memory: Marching in the parades at Disney in my first and last year of band, dancing in the stands at the football games, crazy rides in the equipment truck, and riding in the sideline mobile at band camp



    Name: Makayla Boyle

    Instrument: Flute/Piccolo

    Hometown: Tamaqua, Pa

    Favorite Band Memory: All the fun times and great memories in the stands at football games.

    Instrument: Flute/Piccolo, Drum Major
    Name:Jamie Mateyak
    Hometown:Tamaqua, PA
    Favorite Band Memory: Literally all of it. Disney, parades, football games, competitions, band camp, and even getting stuck on a bus for hours on our way home from Washington DC. Band was the only reason I didn't want to graduate.




    Instrument/Band Front:  flute, piccolo, drum major
    First Name: Jill
    Last Name: Hartranft
    Maiden Name (if applicable): 
    City:  Hometown
    State: PA
    Favorite Band/Corp Memory:   disney trip (2017) - lightsaber battle 2020-2021 FB season - being one of the drum majors during the pandemic (covid-19) and while the world was wonky. Though my experience was so different, it was truly so fun and I wouldn’t change it for the world.