• 2014-15 Winter Rosters

    These rosters are as of the date listed on the respective file.
    Lots of items need to be completed for all student-athletes/parents....Please utilize this information here to address the needs for those on these rosters:

    Winter 2014-15 Roster Descriptions


    Please allow this information to explain the requirements necessary for participation in winter sports….


    If you are on a roster, you need to have the following:

    1.  A listed Ht or Wt – this indicates you HAD a physical…if NO HT or WT is listed – YOU NEED TO OBTAIN a physical before you can practice.


    2.  * - this indicates the section 7 or 8 (parent or doctor recert form) has been handed in.  EVERY ATHLETE needs to hand in the parent recert form (or dr.).  As of today – VERY FEW HAVE COMPLETED THIS OBLIGATION…

        These forms can be found in the main office…I believe there are only a handful that may need doctor recert forms – and those students should be contacted by the coach or athletic trainer.


    3.  DT – registered for the Drug Testing Policy


    4.  $ - indicates you have paid the Participation fee.  If you have not – the rosters are color coded with what you owe.  Red on your name is you owe $30…Yellow – you owe $20.

      If you qualify for free/reduce lunch – please let coach or AD or secretaries know – so we can make the appropriate change.


    Hope this helps…If you have any questions – please ask in the main office or see me!!!!


    Good luck to all winter athletes and programs!



    Mr. Hromyak


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