Mission Statement


    The Tamaqua Area School District provides an instrumental music program, which includes individualized lessons, at the seventh through twelth grade levels so that students may develop and enhance their understanding of the basic musical concepts which promote the use of judgment in developing educational, culture, and social values that are functional in everyday life.





    Students will continue to demonstrate and expand the following areas of competence and proficiency from the elementary level:


    1. Proper handling of instrument


    2. Tone Production:

    A. Embouchure.

    B. Breath Control

    C. Support


    3. Melodic Development:

    A. Continue to add pitches for range


    4. Rhythmic Development:

    A. Simple rhythms.

    B. Complex rhythms.

    C. Simple meters.

    D. Complex meters.


    5. Technique Development:

    A. Fingering Patterns.

    B. Articulation Patterns.


    6. Harmonic Development:

    A. Ensemble Playing

    B. Duets, Trios, etc.




    Due to the individualized instruction provided in our instrumental music program, weekly assignments are based each student’s progress in the lesson book.


    Each week, students are expected to complete the assignment written in the front cover of their lesson books. Daily practice is the fundamental means to attaining success