• Instrumental Lessons will take place either once a cycle or once a week, depending on where they fall in the schedule. Students will be given a 20 minute time slot during which they will have their lesson in the instrumental music room. Homework will be assigned each week and students should practice at least 15 minutes a day.  I cannot tell you how many times students have said, "I didn't have time to practice.  I was too busy."  Of course, the majority of students watch T.V.  The following is a 'trick' that I tell students to use to make sure they get their practice time in:  All students like to watch T.V. and a large number of them flip through channels during the commercials.  Instead of channel surfing, I tell them to have their instrument ready and practice during the commercials.  Wow, how exciting!  They can do both in the same time frame!  Many of my students have told me that they have tried this method of practice and it actually works.

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