Schuylkill County Chorus/District 10 Chorus

    Audition  Information



    Audition Song: “ He Watching Over Israel" - Mendelssohn (See "He Watching Over Israel") - Practice Tracks Page


    Piano Audition Song: “The last Words of David" - Randall Thompson (Please see Mr. Buglio for scale and cadence information).



    Schuylkill County Chorus


    Audition Date: Tuesday, October 10, 2023


    Place: Schuylkill Haven Area High School


    Depart TAHS: 4:45 PM                         Return TAHS: 9:00 PM (Approximately)


    Audition Fee: $5.00 Fee and form are due @ the same time to Mr. Buglio. (Cash only!)


    Festival Dates: January 16,18,19 & 20th, 2024 @ North Schuylkill High School


    Concert: Saturday, January 20th, 2024 @ 2:00 PM North Schuylkill High School Auditorium




    District 10 Chorus


    Audition Date: Monday, October 23rd, 2023


    Place: Parkland Area High School


    Depart TAHS: 4:00 PM                          Return TAHS: 9:00 PM (Approx)


    Audition Fee: $7.00 Fee and form are due @ the same time to Mr. Buglio. (Cash only!)


    Festival Dates:  January 25th-27th 2024 @ Jim Thorpe High School

    Concert: January 27th @ 2:00 PM Jim Thorpe High School


    Visit www.pmeadistrict10.org for an MP3 download of the accompaniment. Also, audition forms and times can also be found on this website.