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    Tests = 80%
    Lesson Assessments = 15%
    Preparedness for class = 5%

    Lesson Assessments 

    ·         Lesson Assessments are assigned after each lesson.  Many of these assignments are completed in class.  If it was not completed in class, it must be completed for homework.  Students must bring the lesson assessment to class the next day.  Bringing the completed assignment to class will result in a 100% toward a student’s preparedness grade.  Lesson assessments will not be accepted late.  If a lesson assessment is not turned in on time, it will result in a 0% toward the preparedness grade.  After three zeros, students will be assigned “Academic Support” from 2:30 – 3:00 (in my room) to make up the missed assignments and earn partial credit for the assignments’ completion. 

    ·         Lesson Assessments are occasionally graded for accuracy.  In some cases students are allowed to make corrections on these assignments and resubmit them for a better score.  When you check MMS, the score in the “teacher’s notes” area will have the original score of the assignment.  If the score in that area is the same as the grade in the column, then the assignment wasn’t corrected.  In other cases a supplemental assignment will be given to students who did not earn a passing score on the lesson assessment.  The supplemental assignment is also available to students who want more practice or want to improve their score on the lesson assessment.


    ·         Tests are heavily weighted and count for 80% of each student’s grade.  Test Formats are assigned at least two days before each test.  These will be on neon colored paper.  The test format is an important study tool.  The directions on the test format are the same as the directions on the test.  We review it in class, and students are to make corrections to theirs so that it should have all the correct answers.  It should be signed the night before each test to indicate that your child prepared for the test. This is not optional and counts as a preparedness grade.

    ·         Test scores are written in student planners.

    ·         If you would like to see a copy of the test, please send me a note, and I will send a copy home.  Please sign and return it.


    Grammar/Usage, Mechanics, Writing

    ·         The majority of the language arts curriculum is based on grammar/usage, mechanics (capitalization/punctuation), and writing.



    Spelling and Vocabulary

    ·         Spelling and vocabulary terms will be given periodically but not once a week as in the elementary schools.  Students must know the definitions of the terms, synonyms and antonyms, the correct spelling, and how to use the words in sentences. These terms can be practiced on a website called www.quizlet.com.  This is an excellent tool for studying ANY vocabulary terms.  Students don’t need to log in but can simply search Mrs. Morrison for my spelling and vocabulary lists.

                Literary Elements/Comprehension

    ·         Every quarter we will be reading selected material from the literature book and analyzing its literary elements, vocabulary, and plot. These selections include fiction and poetry. (Nonfiction is covered in the reading classes.)


    ·         The best way to reach me is by email during school hours.  amorrison@tamaqua.k12.pa.us  If this is not convenient for you, the telephone number for the office is (570)- 668-1210.  The best time to reach me by phone is 2:30 – 3:00.  You can leave a message with the secretary at any other time and I will return your call as soon as possible.

    ·         Planners - I do write missed assignments in planners as well as academic support assignments. 

           Behavior Expectations:

    ·         Students are expected to conduct themselves in a manner that will create a positive environment for learning. Classroom disturbances will not be tolerated. Students will receive verbal warnings for behavior issues.  Verbal warnings will be followed with an assigned “classroom detention”. This will be recorded in the student’s planner. These minor issues will not be reported to the principal for disciplinary action (demerits). Classroom detentions are from 2:30-3 in my room. If the problem persists, a discipline referral form will be sent to the principal.  The student will likely meet with the principal and may receive demerits and an after school detention 2:30-3:30 (date determined by the principal).

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