Welcome to Instrumental Music!!
    As we head into a new school year, your child will have many new opportunities to enhance their learning.  I am excited to introduce instrumental music to children.  Each year the 4th and 5th grade students have the opportunity to play an instrument.  They can choose from the flute, clarinet, saxophone, trumpet, trombone, baritone and tuba (when available), snare drum and bells.  Science has proven that music helps children to excel in school. Things such as coordination, reading and math skills may improve, especially in young children.  It is my hope that your child will become a part of this integral aspect of their education. 
    The paragraph below explains the rent-to-own process:

    Loser's Music functions on a rent-to-own program. An initial down payment is made (either $69.00 for the flute, clarinet, trumpet, trombone, bells or drums or $89.00 for the alto saxophone, tenor saxophone, French horn or baritone). This down payment covers the first 6 months, or the 6 month trial period. All students are encouraged to fulfill this time to ensure that they have had ample time to adjust to the instrument. After that 6 month time period has been reached, you may continue to rent the instrument on a monthly basis on Loser’s rental/purchase price. (If your child chooses to continue to take part in the program, Loser's will send a coupon book. Each month, you will send the payment along with the coupon to Loser's. This process continues until the instrument is paid in full.) After the initial trial period, you are only obligating yourself to just one month at a time. You will receive full credit for your initial trial period, and all monthly rental fees are deducted from the rental/purchase price. As I stated above, you will officially own your instrument when all of the payments have been made. Those students participating in the program receives a 20 minute pull out lesson once a cycle.

    There will be an informational meeting regarding the program on Tuesday, September 15, 2020 on Google Meet. Please join the Google Classroom for more information. The class code is xafudou
    Students also have the opportunity to participate in either Beginner or Intermediate Band in the spring.  Information retarding these programs will be available at a later date.
    ***Please note that although the string instruments are listed, they are not part of the Tamaqua Music Department's curriculum.***