• Daily Classroom Assignments and Schedule
    Monday 2-24-20
    Go over WS#8 Ch 8-2
    Intro Ch 8-2
    -go over single, double, and triple bonds
    Pass back graded OB quizzes on periodic table
    Tuesday 2-25-20
    Video from book website on Chem Bonds Ch 8-2
    Pass back graded chemical symbols quizzes
    Show examples of skill practice extra credit problems
    HW #5Ch 8-2 Lesson Review on p.281
    Skill Practice Problems on p,282 (extra credit)
    Wednesday 2-26-20
    Go over HW#5 Ch 8-2 p.281
    Go over Sill Practice Problems from p.282
    HW - WS#9 Ch 8-3
    Thursday 2-27-20
    Go over WS#9 Ch 8-3
    Intro Ch 8-3 Ionic and Metallic Bonds
    HW#6 Ch 8-3 Lesson Review p.289
    Friday 2-28-20
    Go over HW#6 Ch 8-3
    Notes #4 Ch 8-3 Covalent, Ionic, and Metallic Bonds
    *Chapter 8 Test on Tuesday 3-3-20!
    Monday 3-2-20
    Finish Notes #4 Ch 8-3
    Chapter 8 Jeopardy Review Game
    HW - Study for Chapter 8 Test on Tuesday
    Tuesday 3-3-20
    Chapter 8 Test on Elements and Chemical Bonds
    (See the Test Outline Page for a test outline)
    No HW!
    Wednesday 3-4-20
    ACT 80 Day!
    No school for the students!!!
    Thursday 3-5-20
    LAB - Flame Test (Ionic Compounds)
    No HW!
    Friday 3-6-20
    Intro to Balancing Chemical Equations (Chapter 9)
    Get into lab groups
    Work on Balancing Chemical Equations WS
    We will continue to work on this WS on Monday in class
    No HW!
    Monday 3-9-20
    Science Fair Projects are due today!
    Finish Balancing Chemical Equations WS
    HW - Finish the WS (if not done) and
    do the Ch 11-1 Lesson Review on p.380 (The Solar System)
    Tuesday 3-10-13
    Collect the Balancing Chem Equations WS's from those that didn't finish in class
    Pass back graded Ch 8 tests and Flame Test Labs
    Vidoe: Solar System 101 (National Geographic YouTube Video)
    We will go over HW#7 Ch 11-1 on Wed
    Wednesday 3-11-20
    Show solar system pics from computer
    Go over HW#7 Ch 11-1 p.380
    Work on 2 WS's for the rest of the periiod
    1. WS#10 Lesson Outline Ch 11-1
    2. WS#11 Content Practice Ch 11-1
    HW - Finish WS's 10 and 11
    Thursday 3-12-20
    Go over WS's 10 and 11 from Ch 11-1 (The Solar System)
    Video: The Sun 101 (National Geographic YouTube Video)
    Friday 3-13-20
    Finish going over WS#11 from Ch 11-1
    For the rest of the period, we will watch 4 YouTube clips on the inner planets. (20 mins total)
    1. Mercury 101
    2. Venus 101
    3. Earth 101
    4. Mars 101
    No HW!
    Mpnday 3-16-20 to Friday 3-27-20
    School will be closed for 2 weeks because of the COVID-19 Coronavirus.
    At this point, nothing will be assigned.