• Very Im¨pointy¨ Information


    Absentee Notes-A copy of absentee notes will be sent home during the first week of school to use throughout the course of the school year when your child is absent. When you run out, please send in a note and I will forward more home. You may also write a note stating the date and reason your child was absent. I ask that you please do this in a timely manner so that you child does not get marked for an unexcused absence.
    Birthday Treats/Invitations- You can no longer send in any birthday food items. If you wish to provide a treat, you must contact the school cafeteria and purchase items from there. I will allow you to provide pencils or items that are not food. As far as invitations go, I ask that you please be thoughtful when creating a birthday list. Invitations will only be allowed to be handed out at school if you hand them out to all students, just the girls, or just the boys. This will avoid hurt feelings.

    Homework- Anytime your child misses an assignment, it will be listed in their planner. It may result in having him or her complete it during recess, finish it that evening, or a note home. Frequent missing assignments can result in a meeting with our guidance counselor or a write up.

    Tests- All students will be notified of tests in advance. Tests will be sent home as they are graded. Please sign and return promptly. You can check FOCUS online for scores as well.

    Parent/Teacher Communication- It is vital that teachers and parents work together to ensure the success of the child. We have several ways of communicating with parents. Some of the ways are: notes/letters home, email, webpage, phone, and monthly newsletters. A form will be sent home the first day on the best way to contact you.
Last Modified on August 18, 2021