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    Parents should check their child's folder daily for each individuals homework assignment.
    Some activities you can practice with your child are:
    • reciting & wrting their name, address, phone number & birthday
    • letter and sight word recognition
    • reading and writing numbers
    • practice days of the week & months of the year
    • counting skills
    • sorting like items (matching socks, putting can goods away, putting dinner utensils away)
    • setting the table for dinner
    • being responsible to empty and pack bookbags every day
    • manipulating buttons, zippers, ties
    • cleaning up after themselves after playing and eating
    • Packets if they were sent home
    •  ****IXL - complete at least 1 math and 1 reading topic daily
    • *****Epic - read at least 15 min./day
    • check education.com (class code WDPR6W) for assignments


Last Modified on January 11, 2022