• Staff Resources

    IEP Writer - login page for IEP Writer
    PDE  - check your Act 48 hours and find resources here
    PaTTAN - resources, course registration, short term loan program
    Annotated Forms - link to annotated special ed forms at PaTTAN
    Federal Regulations - find the federal regulations here
    Chapter14 - link to special education portion of the PA Code
    Wrightslaw - excellent resource for court cases/legal issues related to special education, to find court cases click on Caselaw under Law Library. Invaluable resource when taking college classes!
    Paraprofessionals -  information from PaTTAN on Highly Qualified and access to registration for courses
    Teaching Resources

    Scholastic - get lesson plans, make rubrics, create worksheets and activities, find printables, use classroom management tools (seating charts, calendars, etc.)
    Sites for Teachers - 100s of websites for teachers, ranked by popularity
    ABC Teach - free printables
    DOI - teacher resources from the Dept of the Interior
    Education place - a wide variety of graphic organizers at your fingertips
    Time for Kids - teacher resource page for current events

    PA Standards - links to the standards for all curricular areas

    AlternateStandards- for students with the most severe cognitive disabiltities (PASA)

    PA Kindergarten Standards - standards developed for Kindergarten programs