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    Tips to help you in school...
    Notetaking - how to take good notes
    Study Skills -some study strategies and links to more suggestions about how to study
    Homework Helper - go here for all kinds of homework help
    School Tests - Tips on how to study for different types of test questions (fill in the blank, multiple choice, essay, etc.)
    Carnegie Library - tons of information and links to sites for all subject areas
    Class Brain  - great website, especially if you need information for a report on any of the States or any Country!
    Guide to Grammar and Writing- this guide lets you easily look up information about all things English
    National Geographic Kids - information on animals, people, and places
    Fact Monster - information on science, sports, countries, people, math and money, words, cool stuff, and games
    More Helpful information...
    KHS - Keystone Human Services
         go here for information about self-determination
         go here for information about how to advocate for yourself, tips on how to get the help or accommodations you need, how to describe your disability, and how to be more independent 
    PA Dept of Education - Higher Education 
            information on general resources, legal resources, financial aid resources, and technology for special needs to help with both physical and learning disabilities
    SAT - college boards - registration, study tips (preparation), etc. 
    Do-It - more resources and information for college
           including how to complete applications, getting funding, receiving accommodations