• Local Links

    Office of Vocational Rehabilitation 1-800-442-0949

    Evaluation for determination of service eligibility


    Schuylkill Career Link        570-622-5253

                Assistance with job training and placement.  Consideration for

                summer employment.  Work based learning experiences and

                other career enhancement activities.                   

    Service, Access And Management, Inc    570-621-2700

                Base Service Unit Application for Service Determination

    Toll Free 1-877-216-5035


    Schuylkill Intermediate Unit 29    570-544-9131

    Lifelong Learning Center    570-874-0137

                Post secondary technical training information and application

    Toll Free 1-800-945-1333


    SELECT Program               570-874-0137

                Academic support, career training and parenting skills


    Schuylkill Technology Centers     

                Assistance with vocational training and career development          

                North 570-874-1034       South 570-544-4748       

    Anthracite Region Center for Independent Living       

              Toll Free1-800-777-9906

                Independent Living Skills Training, Peer Mentoring, Self-Advocacy

                and Information referral.


    The College Board  

                SAT Registration, Financial Information, College Application Information


    Schuylkill Community Education Council           570-385-5556

    Information on post-secondary education and training program

    Toll Free1-866-385-5556


    Goodwill Employment Services     570-628-9090

    Employment and training services for persons with disabilities


    AHEDD         570-622-9711

                Employment and training services for persons with disabilities


    Schuylkill Transportation System           570-429-2701

                Information on local public transportation options  

                Toll Free 1-800-832-3322

    United Cerebral Palsy        570-622-7920                                    

                Employment and training services for persons with disabilities


    PASSABCO      Toll Free 1-866-541-7005

    Free counseling service to help navigate SSI/SSDI benefits while working

    Links to Other Resources:

    PDE - Pennsylvania Department of Education - Special Education
    PaTTAN- parent resource page from the Pennsylvania Training and Technical Assistance Network.
    Here you will be able to find a variety of resources including a glossary of special education terms, information regarding the IEP process, dispute resolution, suggestions for making the general education classroom work for your child, and much more.
    PPCRN - Pennsylvania Parents and Caregivers Resource Network
          information about developmental disabilities, special education concerns, consultation for developing parent groups or information about workshops.
    GiftedEducation - Information from PDE about Gifted Education
    EarlyIntervention- Information and contact information for the Early Intervention Program
    ODR - information from the Office of Dispute Resolution