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     Dear Parents/Guardians:

    Welcome back!  I am your son/daughter’s speech/language therapist for this year.  I look forward to working with my students and with you.  Here are a couple of reminders for some, new information for others.

    Speech/Language Folder:  Students will have a pocket folder labeled “Speech/Language Folder.” 
    I will put practice work in it after almost every session.  I realize that many of my students in these early grades are not yet reading/writing.  Therefore, if directions say read or write, please adapt to oral prompts and responses. Therefore, practice work will require some adult (mom, dad, grandparent) time as someone needs to “hear” the spoken sounds and/or read the speech/language activities.  I only see a student once (sometimes twice) a cycle so there should be plenty of time to finish this work.   Parents: Please sign (no initials, please) the Parent Signature and Communication Log in the Speech/Language Folder for the date noted, and return the practice work in the folder each cycle.    [This first speech/language cycle’s take home work is for parents/guardians and students to read this letter (and other inserts in the folder) and for a parent to sign and return the bottom part of this form.]

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    • Points for Practice:  I keep a point sheet in students’ therapy room folders. Each time they bring their folders to therapy, they receive a point.  If practice work is completed and a parent/guardian signs the log, I give another point.  Once students earn 10 points, they may choose a prize.  These must be put in their backpacks as soon as they return to the classroom and taken home.  Prizes may not be played with in therapy or in classrooms as it will cause a distraction for other students and teachers.


    Schedule:  I make a 6-day cycle schedule with all students assigned a day/time.  However, things often come up requiring schedule adjustments (adding/dismissing students, holidays, academic schedule changes, school programs, etc.).  Therefore, days/times may change during any given cycle.  Flexibility by our wonderfully supportive teachers, students, and you is the key to making it work.  

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    So how do you know when to complete practice work and return the Speech/Language Folder to the backpack?  My suggestion:  Keep Speech/Language Folders in students’ backpacks.  The teachers allow them to do so after a therapy session.  When it is time for speech/language practice work at home, students can take the folder out, complete the work, and return it to their backpacks. 

    • Raider Rules:  We will follow the Raider Rules and any classroom positive behavior reward systems.

    • Feedback:  Progress reports will be sent quarterly. An invitation and request for feedback will be sent to you when it is time for re-evaluations and/or IEPs.  You may write a note to me and put it in the folder at any time (or call/e-mail – number/address above).  Thank you.  It’s going to be a great year! 


    Pam Zelinsky

    Speech/Language Therapist



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