• Mrs. Kelly's Jellyfish Behavior Policy/Rules
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    "Raider" rules:
    1. I will Respect people and property by using kind words and actions.
    2. I will keep my hands, feet, and objects to myself.
    3. I will complete my daily classwork and homework assignments on time.
    4. I will cooperate and participate without disruptions
    5. I will do my best to follow directions the first time they are give. 
    These rules are read and reviewed in class so that the students understand the rules and why they are in place. 
    *Each child will have a jellyfish in the pond with his/her number on it. If a rule is not followed, the child will need to move his/her fish down. The goal is to keep the fish swimming in the pond or to swim it upward for making good choices. Everyone will start the day at "Just Keep Swimming." Anytime a student moves down on the hooks the reason will be documented on their calendar. The calendar must be signed every night. Students will color their calendar based on which hook that they achieved for the day!


    Super Student - PINK

    Great Job - GREEN


    Warning- YELLOW

    Teacher's Choice- ORANGE

    Parent Contact- RED

    *Reward System*
    *We are going to keep a calendar (similar to what your child used in 1st grade). At the end of each day, children will color in their own calendars. At the end of every month students with good behavior (4 or less clip downs) shown on their chart will receive one of the following:
    ~Choice of prize from the prize bin 
    ~Choice of coupon to use in class (Show and Share, Pet Shop, Line Jumper, etc...) 
    I like to reward and encourage good behavior!
Last Modified on September 1, 2021