• Where do I refer?


    ESIT or Guidance or ESAP....

    Where do I refer the student???


    (1)               Elementary Student Intervention Team (ESIT):  (General education students only)
                      §  Academic Difficulty – overall reading, math, or language average below 75

    §  Behavior – School-wide positive behavior system is not effective  (at least five referrals made to principals)

    §  Emotional – consistent emotional breakdown

    §  Attendance – frequent absence


    (2)               Guidance: (All students) Guidance Website

    §  Social or emotional concerns that need to be addressed immediately

    §  Short term intervention concerning divorce, bullying, friendships, death, hygiene, family trauma, etc…

    §  TSS/BSC/MT meetings/input forms


    (3)               Elementary Student Assistance Team (E-SAP): (All students) ESAP Website

    §  Cluster of problems and underlying issues that may be related to drugs, alcohol, depression, or mental health issues

    When in doubt……ask the Principal or Assistant Principal.


Last Modified on October 16, 2018