•   ENVISION MATH                                                  Image result for cartoon child math
        Envision Math enables all students to develop a solid foundation in the terms and basic concepts of  all areas of mathematics.  It uses a multisensory approach to teaching and is designed to instruct all learning styles.
          Second grade will be using the Superkids reading program.  The program is designed to reach all learners and teach students on their level.  Students will participate in guided reading lessons, learning comprehension strategies and new skills.  
    Image result for cartoon child writing Language/Writing
         Language will come from our reading series.  Students will be learning skills in grammar, punctuation, types of sentences, and parts of speech.  The children will also have a writing curriculum.  They will be exposed to various types of writing.  
         Our spelling lists will come from our reading series.  Students will practice the spelling words during the week in class.  We also ask that you review the words nightly with them at home. 
         We will be using Mystery Science.  It engages students while they explore the natural world. 
    Social Studies
         The Harcourt Brace series provides us with our curriculum.  The units include:  We Belong to Many Groups, Where We Live, We All Work Together, People Making History, Being a Good Citizen, and People in Time and Place.