• Raider Rules
    Our students will be expected to follow the Raider Rules.  They are listed below.
    1.  I will respect people and property by using kind words and actions.
    2.  I will keep my hands, feet, and objects to myself.
    3.  I will complete my daily classwork and homework assignments on   time.
    4.  I will cooperate and participate without disruptions.
    5.  I will do my best to follow directions the first time they are given.
    Each child will have a magnet with his/her number on it.  If a rule is broken, they will need to move their magnet down. They will also have the opportunity to move their magnet up for good behavior.
    Consequences:        Warning
                                       5 minutes off recess
                                       10 minutes off recess                            
                                       15 minutes off recess
                                       Being sent to the office  
        If your child has four or less clip downs for the month, he/she will be able to choose a prize or a reward coupon.  Behavior calendar in the blue folder must be signed at the end of the month for your child to pick a reward.