• Daily Schedule
    In order to prepare each student adequately for success in the future, students will be receiving copies of their schedule during the first week of school. They will be combined with students from the other fifth grade homerooms for Math, Reading, Science, Social Studies, MTSS, and Language Arts. Please be flexible the first week of school with your child's schedule, as there are issues that occasionally arise. We will ensure that your child will be in all the appropriate classes the first week.

    Below is a breakdown of your child's school day.


    8:30-9:00-Student Entry and Homeroom

    9:00-10:00-1st Period

    10:00-11:00-2nd Period




    1:00-2:00-3rd Period

    2:00-3:00-4th Period

    3:00-3:10-Study Period


Last Modified on January 24, 2023