• Sixth Grade Math


    Mr. Wenzel’s Homework policy


    Homework is given to reinforce concepts covered and to check understanding of material that has been covered.  Homework is assigned frequently throughout the week.


    Homework will be checked using a variety of methods.  Students will know when most assignments are graded; however, occasionally I will collect and grade an assignment.  Late homework is any assignment that is turned in any time after the class period it is due.  The only exception allowed would be if the student were absent.  If any assignment is late it can be turned in the next day and the student will receive late credit. 


    When homework is graded I will be using the 5 point scale listed below.  The highest grade for a late assignment will be a 3.  Due to the varying number of problems that are assigned, the number of questions incorrect will determine the points earned.


           Points       Number of problems incorrect

     5                                                approximately 1/6 of the problems incorrect

     4                                                approximately 1/4 of the problems incorrect

     3                                                approximately 1/3 of the problems incorrect

     2                                                approximately 1/2 of the problems incorrect

      1                           approximately 3/4 of the problems incorrect



    Homework assignments are always posted on the board.  The students are required to write the assignments in their planner each day.  The planner will be signed by the teacher to make sure that the assignments are correct.  Parents please check planners nightly. 


    Homework assignments are posted in advance on the TASD web site www.tamaqua.k12.pa.us.



    Grading Procedure

    Homework 3 points

    Tests  100 points




    Students should do the following to ensure their success

    *** Ask for assistance if they are having difficulty

    *** Have their Math book and it must be covered

    *** Have their homework completed and ask questions on problems     they get incorrect

    *** Bring their Math book, 3-ring binder, homework and AR book to class

    *** Students should have a pencil and be ready to learn at the start of class