• Student Enrollments
    When enrolling a student in the Tamaqua Area it is very helpful to both you and the staff if you bring the following documents to the District Office:

    Proof of Residence (drivers license, change of address form, any bill with current address)

    A Copy of Your Child’s Immunization Record

    A Copy of Your Child’s Birth Certificate

    A Copy of Your Child’s Social Security Card

    A Copy of the Withdrawal from the Previous School District


    When you enroll your child, an appointment will be made with the proper building’s Guidance Counselor. These appointments can, at times, be the same day as the enrollment; however, sometimes these appointments cannot be made until the following day. Under these circumstances it may take up to two days for your child to be actually attend classes. Once you have enrolled your child, they will be under Tamaqua Policies and Guidelines that should be reviewed by the parent.