• Science Fair Outline

              The purpose of a science fair project is to find the answer to a question using the steps of the scientific method. You will outline your procedure and results on a tri-fold board that will then be displayed for the school and community to observe. Your poster board needs to be neat, well-organized and creative. It also needs to include the following information:

    1.    Question

    2.    Hypothesis

    3.    Materials

    4.    Experimental Design

    5.    Results

    6.    Conclusion

    Pictures and graphs are a great way to show your experiment and data.

    Don’t forget that this project is worth 200 points (Two lab grades) and will be a major project grade.  Before this project is due, you are going to outline your project. This outline is broken down following the steps of the scientific method. This information needs to be organized BEFORE you begin your experiment. Here are the three due dates for the science fair project.

    *Due date for Topic Ideas - Friday 1-31-20
    *Due date for Project Outline - Friday 2-7-20
    *Due date for Science Fair Project - Monday 3-9-20
    *The Science Fair will be on
    (You will be required to display your project on a large size tri-fold poster board.  You will also need to display all six steps to the scientific method listed above.)
    I will be grading the science fair project using a rubric.