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                                                           TAMAQUA AREA SCHOOL DISTRICT

                                                                                    Mr. Ruddy Course Syllabus

                                                                     2019-2020 School Year


    Planned Course Title: Integrated Science: Course 3 (McGraw/Hill)

    Grade Level: 8

    Website: my.mheducation.com


                For the 2019-2020 school year, we will be covering topics in the Integrated Science book (McGraw/Hill).  Integrated science is the study of biology, anatomy, chemistry, earth/solar system, ecology, genetics, and physics.  These topics are integrated, showing how all thinks work together to sustain life.  This will be an interactive / on-line book using the website listed above.  The main idea of an integrated science book is to incorporate all of the different concepts of science from year to year.  The 8th Grade sciences will investigate the following categories of science.

    Main Units:

    Unit 1: Motion and Energy

    Unit 2: Interactions of Matter

    Unit 3: Understanding the Universe

    Unit 4: Earth and Geologic Changes

    Unit 5: Exploring Ecology

    Unit 6: Heredity and Human Body Systems


    Describing Motion                                                      Stars and Galaxies

    The Laws of Motion                                                    Minerals and Rocks

    Enegry, Work, and Simple Machines                            Plate Tectonics

    Sound and Light                                                        Earthquakes and Volcanoes

    Thermal Energy                                                         Clues to Earth's Past

    States of Matter                                                         Geologic Time

    Understanding the Atom                                             Interactions Within Ecosystems

    Elements and Chemical Bonds                                     Biomes and Ecosystems

    Chemical Reactions and Equations                               Environmental Impacts

    Mixtures, Solubility, and Acid/Base Solutions                Interactions of Human Body Systems

    The Solar System                                                       Heredity and How Traits Change



                You will be graded in a variety of different categories.  These categories include:

    QAVG            Quiz Average (Lowest quiz dropped each quarter)          20%

    TAVG            Test Average                                                               30%

    LAVG             Lab Average                                                               20%

    NB                  Notebook                                                                  15%

    HCP                Homework/Classwork/Participation                              15%





    For this class, students will need to get a three-ring binder.  In this binder, students should organize their materials for class into four major categories.  These categories are: Homework, Notes, Journals, and Worksheets.  Any other materials (Labs, Quizzes, and Tests) can be included into a miscellaneous category.  File tabs or separation sheets should be used to separate these categories.  A table of contents page can be included for better organization.  I will provide a three-ring hole punch on my desk any time you need to use it.  At the end of each marking period, I will be collecting these notebooks and grading them with a rubric.  The points for each section/category go as follows:

    (some of the points on this notebook grade are subject to change)

                         Homework           60 points

                         Notes                  30 points

                         Journals              15 points

                         Worksheets         30 points

                         Organization       15 points

                         Total                 150 points 

    Section 1: Homework

    This will include the section reviews and math focuses at the end of each section covered.

    Section 2: Notes

    This will include all classroom notes and smartboard notes.

    Section 3: Journals

    Journals should be at least six sentences and cover a half of page minimum. (Be detailed)

    Section 4: Worksheets

    This will include any worksheets either given for homework or during class time. 

    Section 5: Neatness/Organization

    This will be graded on how organized your notebook is.

    Ex) Dates and labels on homework, notes, and journals

          Easy to locate materials / color coded

          Tabs or insert sheets to separate sections

          Table of contents or index page


    ***HCP (Homework, Classwork, and Participation)***

    This is an extremely important part of my grading procedure. To sum it up, I start every student off with a 100% average in this category from day one! This is a plus/minus system of grading. For example, if you come into class prepared, well behaved, and respectful, your grade will not change and you will stay at the 100% average. If you do not, you can receive a minus for the day. Examples include: showing up late to class, NO HOMEWORK, no 3-ring binder, disturbing others, or being disrespectful to me or any other student in class. Each time one of these negative occurrences happens, you will receive a minus in my book and your grade will lower.

    On the contrary, you can also receive pluses for going above and beyond in class. For example, volunteering for demonstrations, reading out loud in class, sharing journal responses, answering tough homework problems, and solving problems on the board will give you pluses in my book. The best way to do well in this class is to show effort and DO YOUR HOMEWORK! If you do not do your homework, you will not do well in this class and it will affect your HCP grade and your Notebook grade (which is 30% of your grade). I am not looking for perfect answers to the homework; I am just looking for a good effort so we can have a productive classroom discussion to the answers the next day in class.



    A = 93 – 100

    B = 86 – 92

    C = 78 – 85

    D = 70 – 77

    F =   0 – 69