7th Grade Social Studies Classroom Guidelines


    Ms. Drum and Mr. Opolsky 




    ü An average of 70% or better is required to pass this course.


    ü Please respect the classroom.  Ask before taking or using anything in the classroom.


    ü Please use the following site to review classroom guidelines, homework, class schedules, and course requirements – https://www.tamaqua.k12.pa.us/tamaquaasd/site/default.asp


    ü Class participation is highly encouraged.  Please share your ideas with the class.  A few bonus points will be added to your grade at the end of the quarter for contributing to daily classroom discussions.


    ü Lateness to class will not be tolerated.  Students are asked to be at their desks by the sound of the last bell ring.  Two warnings will be given before a discipline report is sent to the office.


    ü Neither book bags nor coats are allowed in the classroom.


    ü Candy, food, and drink are prohibited in the classroom.


    ü Assignments must be completed as assigned.  Homework is expected to be handed in during the class period it is due.  No credit will be given for late homework assignments worth less than 10 points.  On late projects, essays and larger homework assignments over 10 points, only a fraction of the points will be granted.  Once a test is taken, homework on that chapter will no longer be accepted. Cheating and/or plagiarism on an assignment will result in an automatic zero and disciplinary action will be taken.


    ü Students should bring their AR book, planner and pen/pencil to class each day.  Textbooks will be kept at each student’s desk. Students may sign out a textbook to take home in the evening on an as needed basis.  Students will also be required to maintain a notebook and binder/folder for the academic year.  All class notes, worksheets and handouts should be organized in their binder/folder for reference during class.  At the end of each chapter section, organization will be checked for a grade.  (It is very important to keep organized notes when studying for upcoming tests/quizzes.)


    ü Students are required to read one history AR book each quarter of the school year.  The book will need preapproval and must be within the student’s reading level.  An AR test must be taken on the book at least 10 days prior to the end of each marking period.  Students' percentage on each tested boook will be divided by two, and a point total will be given out of 50.  For example, if a student's grade was a 90%, there score would be a +45/50. 


    ü (And finally…) Proper classroom behavior is expected.  All middle school rules are to be followed.




    These rules will provide equal learning opportunities and a stable environment for all students.  We look forward to meeting each student and working towards a successful seventh grade year!