Human Innovation In Action 
    Students will have STEM Education 30 days during this school year. 
    During the cycle, they will explore and learn about technology, its history
    and development, its use and application, its impact on society, the
    environment and the economy. 
    Lab 232
    Students will use all their senses while learning about a broad range of
    technology.  Students will be required to think, create, evaluate, problem
    solve and communicate their efforts and achievements to others.


    Students will work alone, in teams and as an entire class.  Developing
    the interpersonal skills needed to work with a variety of other students in
    leadership and team roles will also be a core theme in this Technology
    Education course.
    Course Requirements
    Each student will be enrolled into the section's Google Classroom. They are required to keep up
    with all their work and ask questions when needed.
    Parents can access their child's grades online through their Focus portal.
    A final grade will be determined each marking period according to the
    student's overall performance.  The three components of the final grade
    are listed below as weighted scores.
           Participation                10%
           Quizzes and tests        20%
           Projects                        35%
           Coding                          35%
           Final Grading Conversion Scale
           100% - 93%   =   Advanced
            92% - 78%   =   Proficient
            78% - 70%   =   Basic
            69% - 0       =    Below