1.   Student Responsibilities
    •       Be prepared for class each day with your Chromebook, charger, & headphones.
    •       Virtual students should be logging on to Google Meet during the scheduled period.
    •       Homework will be completed through Google Classroom.
    •       If absent, you are responsible for missed work.  Please look at my website and google classroom for the missed work.  Email if you have any questions.
    •       Please check the teacher website/google classroom daily for upcoming assignments and assessments along with due dates.
    •       Tutoring/help is available during flex period or office hours (2:30-3:00).
    •       Our science textbook is online.  I will give students the login information once I get it. 
    •       It is recommended that both parents and students sign-up for the Remind app.  It makes it very easy to communicate with me if you have any questions.  Info to sign-up can be found on my web page.   



          2. Grading

           **Grade will be based on total points earned from the categories listed below.**

    •       Chapter Tests
    •       Quizzes
    •       Homework
    •       Online Labs/Activities/Projects

      **Tests will be worth 100 points and the point value of other items will vary.  I will send out a study guide before a test that can be used as a review and can be used when taking the test.**


     Email:  mmurphy@tamaquasd.org

    Phone: 570-668-1210






Last Modified on October 18, 2022