• Please see the link listed on the left hand part of this page above this link.  It has  Very Important information on the format being used for Athletic Physicals, Drug Testing and ImPACT Testing.

    The following are a couple points of emphasis:

    1. Only ONE physical will be given for the student-athlete per year for ALL sports. 

    Please come at the scheduled time if at all possible.  But you may come during any time frame.  It is done this way to protect from over-crowding.

    3.  The anticipated "Pay to Participate" fee for the 2019-20 school year:

    1st Sport - $30
    2nd Sport - $20
    3rd Sport - $10
    Examples of cost:
    1 Sport athlete - pays a total of $30
    2 Sport athlete - pays a total of $50
    3 Sport athlete - pays a total of $60
    Payment is necessary prior to participation.  Payment should be made on the date of the physical.  Checks can be made payable to the TASD.  If a student qualifies for free/reduce lunch for this school year or last school year, the fee is waived.  The student, however, must inform us at registration.
    Summary of Necessary Items needed by student-athletes in order to participate:
    1.  Initial Sports physical and subsequent Parent or Physician recertification form (for each subsequent sport)
    2.  Registration for Drug Testing Policy
    3.  The respective pay to participate funds must be paid
Last Modified on May 29, 2019